Success Stories

Check out the stories below from past attendees of the WBL Board Program to hear about their favorite parts of the program and how it helped set them up for success in their board search and beyond.

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Jodi Hubler

Jodi HublerManaging Director of Lemhi Ventures and WBL Strategy Committee member, will moderate Breaking Through to the Boardroom: Advice From Non-Traditional Board Candidates at this year's Board Program. Jodi currently serves on the boards of Lemhi Ventures portfolio companies Bind On-Demand Health Insurance and Digital Reasoning and serves as Chair of Recondo Technology. She also serves on the non-profit boards of CaringBridge as Vice Chair and Medical Alley Association and privately held Central Logic. Here is Jodi's take on the importance of the Board Program and how attending in previous years helped shape her board search experience:

How did the WBL Board Program affect the way you approached your personal board search?

It opened my eyes to seeing the need to frame my experience in the context of board work.  There is a big difference between a resume/CV and a board bio in almost every form and fashion. 

Which session(s) or speakers at the program had the most impact on your trajectory?

Mary Anne Mason!  She single-handedly catapulted my success and traction.  Her session should be required for any woman seeking to leverage WBL board search and matching services.  The need to give context, narrative, depth and proper positioning to my story was critically eye-opening.  The tools she uses to draw out the “so-what” and to help the participant nail the board language was so important.  Awaking participants to the tactics and critical steps necessary to succeed and forcing the discipline of process and by-when’s was vital to my process.

What is the number one reason you would recommend the WBL Board Program to a colleague?

You get results.  As with anything else in life, if you do the work and trust the process, the board opportunities will come. 

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Dr. Ann Miller

As an Independent Director and business executive with clinical training, Dr. Miller has over two decades of leading companies as they decide where to play and how to win with biopharma portfolios. She has built, launched and scaled 20 brands from early stage companies to top 10 biopharma companies, leveraging good process for responsible investment and growth. Dr. Miller joined the Board of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in March 2019 and sits on the Compensation and Audit Committees. Previously, she served on the National Osteoporosis Foundation Board, Executive Committee as Secretary and Treasurer and led the CEO Search Committee. Dr. Miller attended the 2018 Board Program which helped prepare her for her success with Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read Dr. Miller’s key takeaways from the program below:

Inspired confidence that Board membership is achievable:

Just being at the session, hearing the stories from people on boards and aspirations of those who want to be on boards gave me the confidence that this can be done.  Even though I was never a CEO, I was a c-suite player, and can add value.  This is achievable.

Provided invaluable guidance on how to finalize a good Board Bio:

The specific and hands-on support on developing a Board Bio, which is distinct from a longer full resume, was incredibly helpful to me.  I did not fully appreciate the need for this.  Leaving with a good version allowed me to immediately get started making inquiries and networking with the right Board Bio attachment.  This definitely jump started my board search efforts.

Demonstrated the variety of potential board experiences:

Listening to the different types of board experiences across NFP, private equity, VC, and public was very useful.  It allowed me to get more realistic about my board goals and clearer on my priorities.

Allowed time for a significant amount of networking with other attendees:  

The attendee list was very helpful in allowing me to be systematic about my networking.  I tried to meet all the attendees who were in my industry (biopharma) and from Boston.  When I returned to Boston, I had follow-up lunch/dinner with several of the Boston attendees to continue the networking. I also successfully connected with women who had board experience who could mentor/connect me in spaces I am interested in, including biopharma and NFP.